The farmhouse La Grotta della Faina is located at 550 m asl among the green hills of the Garfagnana , in the municipality of Villa Collemandina between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines . It arises from a careful renovation of the old rural barn of the 1800s that give life to two rustic but well cared apartments “Il Nido” and “La Pergola” and a small laboratory for the preparation of local products. In the restructuring has been preserved the previous architecture, giving rise to the wonderful lodges where once used to dry “formenton ottofile”, to the solar yard where the grain was processed and large mandolate formerly used to keep the hay dry and ventilated. The environment brings the visitor to the tradition of the past, but finds themeselves living in the activities of the farm. There are also a wood oven and the relaxing pool. The site is surrounded by about 11 acres of productive farmland. The property is located a few meters from the main house and a short walk from Lake of Villa Collemandina.