P5040879Honey has always been an important and natural food ,it has fundamental elements for feeding such simple sugars, fructose, glucose, proteins, minerals and even enzymes and vitamins that make it a unique and valuable food. Delicious by itself or in combination with cheese, yogurt, milk, drinks and cocktails is widely used for the realization of tasty desserts and various recipes. All the honey sold is exclusively produced by our farm from two apiaries one located at 550 and 1100 m above sea level. The honey produced is that of blooms typical of this area and are: Acacia Tree, Millefiori Spring and Chestnut.


They are on sale all varieties of vegetables in our vegetable garden. Starting with the courgettes until the tomatoes and beans. Many varieties of high quality products are always fresh because they are sold directly to consumers. Moreover, these products are freely available to the guests of farmhouse.

Melo CascianoFeature of the farm Martinelli Laura is to grow and sell different varieties of apple and pear of Garfagnana origin, including many of the best known apple casciano the apple lucchese and pear verdino. Fruits by use and consumption by centuries in this land, selected since immemorial time and perfectly adapted to the climate, offer to consumers its special quality.

fruttaIn addition to fruits and vegetables the farm has a crop of small fruits, according to the periods of maturation are sold fresh raspberries, blackberries, currants, strawberries and blueberries, or they are used for the production of jams in our laboratory , fruit jellies and syrups.

gallinaA small chicken house with hens with maximum respect for animal welfare produces an average of 40 eggs per day.