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Between the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines to the east and the Apuan Alps to the west, in the valley crossed by the river Serchio is situated the Garfagnana. Located in the northern tip of Tuscany, in the province of Lucca is surrounded by 60,000 acres of woodland it’s a real paradise for nature and mountain lovers and local tradition traditions.

For its favorable geographical position, offers a wide range of activities related to the mountain and comes as a land full of attractions such as natural parks, castles, caves, Romanesque churches and medieval villages and traditions that still survive in their costumes , uses and colors.

Explore this still intact land in its natural heritage means to walk the roads of transhumance, follow the streets of the medieval armies or steps of the old pilgrims, going into shady chestnut trees, or admire the vineyards and crops clinging in the numerous terraces up to the round and grassy peaks of that or rocky and bristling Apuan Alps.

A holiday in Garfagnana is an opportunity to try a tourism of feeling good, find the balance forgotten, but also of a wide range of cultural, in an environment shaped by man over the centuries and typical gastronomy.

Down here you will find some of the many proposals that you will help you to enjoy all the beauty, the flavors and scents of which Garfagnana provides!

Trekking excursion

Garfagnana-guide-logoGARFAGNANA GUIDE

Garfagnana Guide is an association of qualified hiking guides who live in Garfagnana and in the Serchio Valley. We know our homeland and we would like to share with our guests the knowledge of the environment, the nature, the history and the culture of our land.

Every step, a discovery

Full day guided tours from may 1st to october 30th.

  • Mon. Pania della Croce:

    queen of the Apuans.

  • Tue. The rock carvings:

    the discovery of the symbols of the Apuans people.

  • Wed. Pania di Corfino:

    a balcony over the Garfagnana.

  • Thu. Eremo di Calomini:

    the white hermitage under the rock.

  • Sun. Monte Forato:

    the hole with the mountain araund.

Reservation until the day before. Meeting point: railway station in Castelnuovo Garfagnana, meeting time: 9:00 AM. Minimum 4 people. Children under 8 years: free. From 9 to 16 years: 9,00 €. Adults: 15,00 € per person. The price includes the service guide only.

Guides are also available for tailor made routes and several days hikes.


Garfagnana guide

Excursions and canyoning


Next to the tranquility in the Garfagnana villages, the tasty local cuisine and hospitality farm, Apians also wants to promote tourism of emotions going to find very special and fascinating itineraries, usually not accessible without a proper organization, but that they represent the true nature of this land.

Then we will use the mountain bike along paths and old roads, descend ravines, canyons and caves, huge holes dug into the water and climbing routes will travel in total safety approaching it correctly environments such spectacular as they are sensitive. We will be spectators of nature, combining respect for the environment safe and fun.


Canyioning Orrido di Botri

Canyioning Rio Selvano

Speleology: La Tana che Urla

Night hike: Sunset on the top


Speleological excursion

Grotta del vento


The Grotta del Vento offers visitors the possibility to see a big karst system which is complete in all its evolutionary phases. Practical walkways allow you to visit rooms covered with splendid shiny formations, with different colours and often translucent, bare passageways made smooth by water, vertical shafts and underground pools and water courses. There are three itineraries which pass through three areas completely different from one another. The tours are guided by expert personnel and last respectively one hour, two hours, three hours and can be made by everyone without any difficulty. For excitement lovers two “adventure routes” are available lasting two and four hours and are always conducted by speleologists. The cave is open every day of the year except 25th December.

Natural parks

parco-orecchiellaORECCHIELLA PARK

In Orecchiella park, there are various structures established by the State Forestry Corps, which the Visitor Center, the Museum of the Raptors, shelters for the support to nature tourism, places of ristoro, mountain garden, Orto botanico, stands of local products.
From Orecchiella depart the various tracks that, through paths of great beauty and gradual difficulty, reach the various points of the park.
The Visitor Center is located in a nice building with nature museum, conference room and projections, library and laboratory; in its vicinity are also a mountain garden where you can admire beautiful blooms, selling places for local products and restaurants.
Also, always near the Visitor Center, there are several wildlife enclosures where you can admire, and photograph, in large spaces, although fenced, different animals: stags, mouflons, deer, grouse, bears.
The latter are a real attraction for both the rarity of enclosures containing them in relative freedom, both for the number (seven), and for their sympathy and “availability” to visitors.
The whole area has been for years a well known tourist destination and has many paths, all well marked, for paths that range from less than an hour to the whole day, through the most spectacular scenery, both for the blooms that for landscapes that it’s possible to meet.orso
The park is equipped with dining options and in addition to trekking excursion, you can do mountain biking and horse riding, rented on site, or discover the secrets of the Park through guided tours by a cooperativa Guides Local (Coop. Garfagnana Holidays) .
The Visitor Center and all facilities connected with it (wildlife enclosures, displays, stands, etc.) are open every day from June 1 to September 30, with a lunch break 9-19; only on Sundays in the months of April, May and October.
Entry exhibition area:


REDUCED TICKET: € 1.50 for children 6 to 11 years;

FREEunder 6 and over 65 years.

Parco dell'orecchiella


Golf-Garfagnana-logoGOLF CLUB GARFAGNANA

The Golf Club Garfagnana has been affiliated to the italian Golf Federation since 1994. The 6 holes par 3 course, naturalle undulated, lies throught the vineyards and crops of the area. Club house, driving range, putting green, Clubs, trolleys available for the guests.

Opening period: April – Octber.

One hole leads the other

Discover the exciting game of golf with our special offers.

  • Driving range and putting green:

    From Monday to Friday, for a family of at least 3 members, clubs rent is included in the price and the youngest person enters free..

  • Course:

    From Monday to Friday, for every 3 green fee, the third one has 20% discount.

  • Beginner Golf tuition with an UISP (Sport Italian League) Instructor.


Ethnographic museum



It’s one of the most important collections of objects of material culture of Central Italy, created with a long and constant work by Don Luigi Pellegrini in order to testify aspects now almost completely disappeared in the rural culture of the Garfagnana and in Tuscan-Emilian Apennines . The area of origin of the objects includes in particular the sides of the Apennines, the Garfagnana and the Modena Reggio areas: this makes it possible to make interesting comparisons between work processes and habits of life of the two areas that – although neighboring and historically linked by more than 400 years of domination Estense – characters have retained social, economic and linguistic clearly distinct. The exhibits, expression of the agricultural-pastoral and craftsman world, covers a period from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present; we must not forget that tools such as those exposed have been in common use for centuries. These testimonies of life and work of the past, properly restored, were placed in the rooms of the millennial hospital. The exhibition is divided into 14 rooms that discusses aspects of farming and peasant work. Are reconstructed rooms of the house as well as rural areas of work their domestic activities and crafts.

Openings hour: 1 april – 31 may, 10-13/14-16,30; 1 june – 30 september, 10-13/14-18,30;  1 october – 31 march, 9,30-13 (weekdays) 10-13/14-16,30 (festive);closed on Mondays (except for the months of July, August and Monday festive).




Mercato paesanoTHE MARKETS

Cheerful, colorful and cheap weekly markets animate the shopping centre of the valley.
Farmers’ markets offer the freshest seasonal products, while among the stalls of crafts and antiques can be found finely handcrafted objects.
Finally the great annual Fairs related to religious festivals and agricultural cycle.
Sant’Antonio in Fornaci di Barga, San Pietro in Piazza al Serchio, San Rocco in Barga, Fiera delle Donne in Castelnuovo, Fiera della Macina in Pieve Fosciana and many other.

Weekly markets (from 8.00 to 12.00 AM)
  • Thuesday – Piazza al Serchio
  • Wednesday – Gallicano e Lucca
  • Thursday – Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
  • Friday – Fornaci di Barga
  • Saturday – Pieve Fosciana, Barga, Lucca
Arts and Crafts Market and Farmer’s Market: Castelnuovo di Garfagnana 1° weekend of the month.

Antiques market: Barga 2nd weekend of the month – Lucca 3th weekend of the month.

Farmer’s Market: Gallicano 2nd weekend of the month.


Help us in the farm!

raccolta fragoline gallinaEvery day on the farm there is always something to do, picking fruit, cure gardens, check apiaries, collect eggs, feed the chickens and many other things according to the agricultural period. We are pleased for your aid or even the simple company of visitors in the daily agricultural routin in the farm to chat, discover the techniques and maybe learn something together!