Giallorino Bean

Giallorino Bean

Of unknown origin, has spread from remote time throughout the Garfagnana. An old historical document archive of Castelnuovo Garfagnana, the mid-nineteenth century, describes dwarf bean yellowish with dark little eye, which was cultivated in jare. Although mainly intended for self-consumption, was once widely cultivated. Today cultivation is much reduced and pulverized in family gardens, where it is jealously kept and cultivated with seed annually auto reproduced. Dwarf and early type (sessantino).
It prefers cool and repaired places (for this was cultivated in intercropping with maize), but it’s still pretty rustic and resistant to drought, and it ensured a production even with irrigation rescue.
If sown in June goes into production in 40 days (quarantino).
The flower is pinkish-white, the pod is of average length (average 11.9 cm), with curving absent or very mild, green in color, which becomes yellow when the seed ripes.
The seed is small (average weight 45.9 g 100 seeds), elliptical, greenish-yellow, with reddish-brown aureole.
It is grown in the file, at a distance of 20-40 cm. Sown in April-May, ripens in July-August and is collected in the whole plant.
Productivity is limited, but the quality is very good, for the delicate flavor and aromatic scent.
Always consumed as a dry product. Once shelled and dried , beans are kept in a dry place, through the winter and beyond.
Traditionally, as all the beans, was one of the main components in the food of the local population, and was present in many preparations, from the first, such as soups (minestrella Gallicano) and soup of farro, the contours with sausage or salt cod.
Match especially with buns levers“, typical preparation of the municipality of Gallicano.


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