Rossa di Sulcina potato

Rossa di Sulcina potato

The red potato is the oldest variety grown in the high ground and arrived up to now; This was once a potato even redder called “scopinawhich, however, has disappeared.
Until a few decades ago the red potato had spread a little in all the mountain pastures, in the municipalities of Sillano, Villa Collemandina, Careggine; Today it is mostly found in the Sulcina (Villa Collemandina) where it is cultivated for family use or for the internal market.
Traditionally cultivated in high ground and on land Selvina” which gave the highest yields and the best quality, especially in the first year of cultivation. It is a plant with foliage of moderate growth (height 30-50 cm).
The main agronomic characteristic is the high rusticity, in particular resistance to drought.
Was sown using smaller potatoes, from mid-March through April, according to the altitude and the seasonal, in furrows at a distance of 30-40 cm.
In sowing was respected waning moon phase, which would, in some, the production of a reduced number of patatini”, or, according to others, budbreak more content during the winter.
The tubers are of the shape from round to oval, of good size. The skin is red and the flesh, yellow with reddish streaks, it is solid and slightly sweet flavor. It has an excellent shelf life and it’s still preserved in dark and dry cellars in layers of 20-30 cm.
Characterized by slightly sweet flavor and a high cooking performance, the potato red Sulcina lends itself to different preparations, particularly puree and dumplings, but also fries and roasted.
Also produced in our farm, in recent years has met a new interest and is requested from the shops specialized in local products.


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